The Eurowings CO2 calculator

“How much CO2 does a passenger emit as a result of their flight?” – this question was investigated by the environmental experts at Eurowings in cooperation with Lufthansa and myclimate. They have already evaluated over 43,000 individual flights.

The entire fleet, from small regional jets to large long-haul aircraft, was analysed to determine a flight’s total kerosene consumption from gate to gate. The aim is to take into account different meteorological conditions (winds) as well as the taxiing processes on the ground, including holding patterns and detours while airborne.

myclimate used this as the basis to develop an algorithm that calculates the corresponding CO2 emissions for each flight. The selected flight class is also taken into account and weighted accordingly. The algorithm is regularly updated with new flight data, the latest update being in September 2018.

Air traffic causes other emissions as well as CO2 (in particular nitrogen oxides and water vapour) which are associated with an impact on the climate. There is not yet any conclusive scientific assessment of the exact extent of this. For this reason, the CO2 calculator provided by myclimate for Eurowings and Lufthansa does not consider any emissions except CO2.